Lilytyger – All Yours

Here is a music video that I directed for the recording artist Lilytyger for song All Yours. I combined sexy and with her R & B hip-hop style. We filmed in various locations in Los Angeles that resonated with the artist. I especially loved the beach shots intertwined with the black and white of the bathroom. The bedroom shots were fun to do as well. I feel this brought out the sensuality in the song which tied in nicely with the story

Blue Jean Baby

This was a great project to work on.  It gave me an opportunity to work in After Effects again and research the internet for ideas and images to use for this video to take shape.  I was really inspired with the lyrics of "Blue Jean Baby" and wanted in integrate things having to do with jeans such as patches, bling, and rhinestones.  As a creative it challenged me to work with fonts and timing as well as what imagery would really capture the unique youthful feel of the piece.  While making it, I

RedTape – Wrecking Ball

I enjoyed working with the band RedTape as their director for their first music video called wrecking ball.  It was a fun shoot!  I really enjoyed working with the band for their concept and adding additional ideas of

Dirty Laundry

"Dirty Laundry" was my project Greenlight Submission for this year.  I wrote it and quickly put the cast together and shot it on the iPhone 5!  The story is inspired by many true events from the lives of people that I know.  I wanted to capture two characters who had different expectations of their situation.  Ann is hoping for love and Chase is looking for a quick thrill.  The hamper in the story is a foreshadowing device.  It's like those moments in life, where you think they might not mean

Captured Melody

"Captured Melody" was definitely a labor of love for me.  This was my MFA thesis film from Chapman University, which officially premiered on February 21st, 2013.  Getting this film made from start to finish was the the hardest project I have ever done in my life.  I'm happy to announce that we got 3D distribution for the film through Yabazam! This video is the trailer of the film that they cut for their site.  The day I saw it I cried tears of joy.  It's nice to see

Open Call

After finishing my film thesis film "Captured Melody", I wanted to take a break from doing VFX in film and focus more on the characters in the story.  I directed this piece written by my friend Eric Player.  I really liked the script because it was easy to film and to cast.  It also involved having a chance to work on a comedy.  All throughout the piece, I wanted to build the underlying connection that the actors were developing for each other as well as there drive to get the part in

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