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Melissa Garza

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Hi, my name is Melissa Garza and I love to experience life and share the stories that are the most important to me. In my narratives, romantic relationships are the basis for a lot of my stories. Whether these relationships succeed or fail, there are always lessons learned that people can relate to. I love fantasy/science fiction and enjoy to integrate those elements into my stories when possible. My mission is to entertain and inspire people to make better choices in relationships, be confident with who they are, and to explore new ideas. I love to combine art and technology to tell stories and I’m curious about the world and the people in it. I believe growth and community strengthen the soul and the mind. We are all powerful co-creators.

As a director, I want to engage the audience as much as possible leaving them with a memory of the brand that’s unforgettable. If you have a business or product you would like to promote with video feel free to contact me. I’d love to discuss your brand and work with you to develop a video marketing strategy that can engage viewers and tell your story.

My previous industry experience has been working in the visual effects industry as a coordinator for feature films and theme park attractions. I also work as a producer as well and currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.  I ran for Congress, I love sharks, and I enjoy helping out my community. I hold an MFA in film production from Chapman University.